Delhi University(DU) UG Admission 3rd Merit List Release Date, Time, No. Of Vacant Seats

Hello my dear friend I know you are waiting for the 3rd Merit List Of Delhi University, and want to know how many seats would be available in 3rd List, but don’t worry after reading this news article “Delhi University(DU) 3rd Merit List Release Date, Time, No. Of Vacant Seats” you will get all the answers of your questions.

Release date of Delhi University(DU) UG Admission 3rd Merit List

There is a very high chance of releasing 3rd list on 13 November, 2022. But after seeing the past performance of Delhi University related to releasing merit lists, it can’t be clear that 10 November, 2022 is the fixed date of releasing 3rd merit list. There are so many students who have not get admission yet in college and waiting for the 3rd merit list and expecting that in 3rd merit list they will get seat in Delhi University.

Releasing Time Of 3rd Merit List On 13 November, 2022

It is very clear that the time would be 10:00 PM on 13 November, 2022 but it is not compulsory that the time will be 10:00 PM on 10 November, 2022 because while releasing the 2nd merit list of DU the delhi university was showing the releasing time of 2nd merit list at 10:00 PM CSAS Portal but the 2nd list was released on next day from official date. So it could be happen that the delhi university will release the 3rd merit list of on 14 November, 2022.

Well delhi university also publish there results, merits, etc at 05:00 PM on announced date, I will recommend you to be active on CSAS Portal if you want to get information about the admissions.

Releasing Date Of Merit Lists

  • 1st Merit List – 19 October, 2022
  • 2nd Merit List – 30 October, 2022
  • 3rd Merit List – 13 November, 2022

Number Of Seats Available In Delhi University(DU) In 3rd Merit List

There is no any official announcement that how many seats are available in the 3rd merit list but the total number of seats are available in the delhi university in 2022 was around 5 – 6 Lac seats, there is very minimum chance to get seat in delhi university if you don’t have the good marks in duet exam.

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When will Delhi University UG Admission 3rd merit list will release?

10 November, 2022.

How many Merit List Delhi University release in 2022?

3 Merit List and 1 spot admission list.

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