What Happens at the End of “Awareness”? Is Ian the Only Living Perceiver?

What Happens at the End of "Awareness"? Is Ian the Only Living Perceiver?

18-year-old Ian, the protagonist of the science fiction thriller Awareness, is born with the capacity for mind control and realistic projection.

Vicente, Ian’s father, and Ian have always led secret lives. Vicente made it a point to adhere to some guidelines even if they took part in tiny robberies.

He constantly reminded his son not to use his power after a certain point since he knew it was risky for Ian out there.

However, Ian was sick of taking the safe route, and thanks to a minor diversion, he was able to fully utilize his projection power. 

Why Was Ian Wanted By The Agency?


Ian was taken prisoner at the gaming arcade by agents sent by the agency, who then took him to the main office.

What Happens at the End of “Awareness”? Is Ian the Only Living Perceiver?

Ian was placed in detention and his aptitude was probed. Dr. Adriana, who had worked on the project to develop perceivers, was the person speaking on behalf of the Agency.

Being a naturally born perceiver made Ian, who was a perceiver, unique. Dr. Kominski, a scientist who invented the chemical formula used to inject Ian’s parents, reportedly kept the compound’s makeup a secret from the Agency. 

Ian discovered from Adriana that he had the ability to read minds, and it was via this ability that he discovered Vicente was not his father.

He had taken Agency employee Ian and held him in hiding for 18 years. Ian could only unconditionally trust Vicente, however it was Vicente who had been deceiving him.

Vicente made an effort to defend himself, but Ian was no longer able to believe him. Adriana made an effort to convince Ian that the Agency was his only chance.

They needed Ian to put an end to the evil collective known as “awareness.” A group of perceivers were in charge of world politics at the time. 


In Warsaw, what did Ian discover?

Ian was not aware that Esther was working with the perceiver he had seen at the arcade. Ian once more penetrated Vicente’s memories using his mental reading abilities.

Ian overheard Vicente and Adriana talking about someone they called the “big boss,” and he also spotted a man dressed all in black with three of his fingers severed sitting inside a car. Vicente used to work for the Agency. 


Operation Disinfection was launched when the authorities decided to eliminate the perceivers after the cold war because they feared they would turn against the world.

Many of the perceivers they were able to kill were out of their reach, but one was. The third power had been released by this perceiver, known as “The Mule,” and as a result, the opponent was completely subdued.

The Agency wanted to use Ian to battle against the Mule because there was no hope of success with him. 

What Driven Ian’s Father to Do That?

When Ian and Esther got to the perceiver’s home, Ian discovered his mother lying still. Ian’s father gave him the directive to contact his mother using his memories of her.

When his father started disrupting the recollection by telling Ian how she was tormented by the Agency, his mother began to react adversely.

The Agency tortured Urszula to learn the composition even though she had destroyed the final copy of the formula.

She planted the reassuring image of her and her kid playing together in a room because she didn’t want Ian to recall the struggle she went through.


When the agency soldiers finally arrived, Ian was in a rage. When he used his third ability, he was able to take control of his adversaries’ minds.

Ian was continuously urged by Adriana to not believe the perceiver because his mother had passed away many years prior.

Vicente came to Ian’s aid when he was unable to believe anything Vicente had to say. Vicente wanted Ian to think that the perceiver was controlling him.

The perceiver took control of Ian’s consciousness and shot him in the face when he knew Vicente could reach Ian. 


Ian pursues the perceiver in the climax, and the perceiver holds Esther prisoner. Adriana joined Ian in support after the two engaged in a mind-control battle; after all, she would benefit from the destruction of the perceiver.

Adriana said she could not see the perceiver keeping any women hostage when she overheard Ian discussing Esther.

The perceiver kept Esther on repeat so he could stay in touch with her at all times.

Is Ian The Only Living Perceiver?

Adriana once more extended the invitation for Ian to join the Agency during the conclusion of Awareness, but he turned it down.

His father, Vicente, had always instructed him to live in no man’s land, and he intended to do the same. Esther and Ian are still in love, and Ian doesn’t seem to mind that Esther is a projection.

Esther may have developed her own identity when she fell in love with Ian and stopped collaborating with the perceiver. The movie’s ending is critical since it provides a significant clue. 


Adriana thought she was speaking to the American, but Ian could see in his rearview mirror that Adriana was alone. The American so appears to be another projection Adriana is replaying in her head.

According to the glances we saw of the strongest perceiver, the perceiver who claimed to be Ian’s father does not appear to be the Mule.

Perhaps the Mule is in control of Adriana to ensure that he receives the formula as soon as she reaches Ian.

However, why would he want Ian gone? Was he terrified of what the naturally born perceiver could be capable of?

It is challenging to accept anything as the ultimate truth in a science fiction movie where mind control and projections occur at random. 


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