When Will the Haunted Mansion Movie Be Released?, Star Cast, Plot, and Release Date?

When Will the Haunted Mansion Movie Be Released?, Star Cast, Plot, and Release Date?

Release date for the movie Haunted Mansion: Justin Simien’s supernatural horror comedy thriller Haunted Mansion stars Rosario Dawson, LaKeith Stanfield, Owen Wilson, Tiffany Haddish, Winona Ryder, Dan Levy, Jared Leto, Danny DeVito, and Jamie Lee Curtis.


The movie, which is made by Walt Disney Pictures, is the second theatrical rendition of Walt Disney’s theme park attraction (the first was in 2003). The US version of Haunted Mansion will debut on August 11, 2023.

A mother and her son are said to uncover a mansion that is more than it appears while being surrounded by many people in Haunted Mansion, yet narrative details are primarily being kept a secret. 

Haunted Mansion
When Will the Haunted Mansion Movie Be Released?, Star Cast, Plot, and Release Date?

According to earlier rumors, Stanfield will portray a widower who formerly believed in the supernatural but is now a drab tour guide in New Orleans’ French Quarter. 


Haddish would communicate with the dead through a medium she hired. The character Danny DeVito is going to play is a “smug teacher,” according to reports.


release date for haunted Mansion is 2023.

Disney’s Haunted Mansion made its premiere in 1969 after many years of struggle and compromise. It is an entertaining and spooky theme park experience. 


The theme of the ride has visitors entering a spooky mansion where they encounter ghosts, ghouls, and other undead people. As you tour the mansion, it warps and changes its appearance numerous times. 


After a spooky encounter that has you fearing for your safety as you return to your hotel, the experience comes to an end.


Now that Disney’s Haunted Mansion’s release date has been revealed, are you more anticipating it? Any phantoms from your previous voyage you’re hoping to spot in the upcoming one? Will the Organist, Little Leota, the Dread Family, and the Hatbox Ghost make an appearance? Disney is known for hiding Easter eggs and surprises everywhere, just like at Halloween. I’m eager to watch it.


Details about the film Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion, the movie, stars

John Lee Curtis

Winner Ryder

Writer Jared Leto

Mr. D.V. DeVincentis

Ms. Katie Dippold

English Director Justin Simien Guillermo del Toro

Released: August 11, 2023 in the Entertainment category

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Family; Fantasy; Horror; Mysteries


Table of Contents

Celeb Cast

A single mother, Gabbie, played by Rosario Dawson; a priest, Kent, played by Owen Wilson; and a psychic, Harriet, played by Tiffany Haddish.

Bruce, a college history lecturer played by Danny DeVito

Alistair Crump/Hatbox Ghost, played by Jared Leto

Jamie Lee Curtis portrays Madame Leota, and Travis, Winona Ryder’s son, is played by Chase Dillon.



A single mother named Gabbie discovers the mansion is haunted and decides to exorcise it with the aid of a tour guide, psychic, priest, and historian.


We already know that Ben will play the tour guide, Gabbie will be portrayed by Rosario Dawson (Ahsoka), and Kent (Loki) from Owen Wilson will serve as the priest. 


The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent by Tiffany Haddish The historian is Danny DeVito’s unidentified professor from Dumbo, while Harriet is the psychic. 


One of the ghosts who will show up is The Hat Box Ghost, a significant component of the attraction that has only recently returned to the ride and was prominently alluded to during the event to be performed by Jared Leto (Morbius).


The Bride, a figure with a murky past, will also appear in the film. The bulk of the Haunted Mansion’s “joyful haunts” are cheerful. With the exception of the Bride, they are occasionally frightful but never cruel or nasty. 


Given that she was once known as Constance Hatchaway, it is quite likely that she murdered her spouse (or spouses) and is currently stalking the estate in search of her next prey. Both of these well-known spirits would make excellent additions as the main antagonist.


Release of the official Haunted Mansion trailer

During the Disney & Pixar Studio Showcase at D23, Justin Simien released an extended clip revealing the characters and setting of this new Haunted Mansion.


 It’s unfortunate for people who couldn’t attend the showcase that the footage, which was only shown to the panel, hasn’t been made available online. Fortunately, Therese Lacson, a writer for Collider, provided a thorough analysis of the footage release, which you can read by clicking here.



In July 2010, Walt Disney Pictures began adapting The Haunted Mansion for a new film, with Guillermo del Toro serving as writer and producer.


 Del Toro claims that the project will not be situated in a real-world environment, but rather in a heightened reality. The Hatbox Ghost will be one of the key characters, he claimed, and the movie would be “scary and enjoyable at the same time, but scary will be scary.”


Jason Surrell, a Walt Disney Imagineer, was chosen in June 2011 to serve as the project’s creative advisor. Del Toro gave Walt Disney Studios the PG-13 final draft of his script in August 2012.


 Del Toro made the announcement that he would no longer be directing the movie but would still co-write and executive produce it in July 2013. In April 2015, Ryan Gosling was in early discussions to appear in the movie. DeVincentis revised the movie script. In September 2016, Brigham Taylor was chosen to serve as producer.


Katie Dippold was hired to rewrite the film’s script in August 2020 when it was determined that del Toro’s was too gruesome for family audiences. Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich worked as producers.


 The project will be a cooperative effort between Walt Disney Pictures and Rideback. After beginning early negotiations to lead the film in April 2021, Justin Simien was officially selected director in July 2021.


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